Laser soldering

Laser soldering

The EUTECT Diode Laser Soldering system ranges from single beam- to galvo optics with 25 to 1500 Watt power.


Laser soldering enables fast and non-contact energy input.
With the help of an integrated pyrometer it is possible to regulate the laser power via the process surface temperature. Solder wires, soldering pastes, preforms and other connecting materials can be processed. Diverse optics and galvoscanner techniques enable the processing of a wide variety of geometries.


Customer-specific soldering applications can be realised through the combination with different wire feed-, laser knife– and dispenser modules.


Engraved vernier gauges and gauge block stops guarantee a solid reproducibility. With the EUTECT Software-Family (SoFa) new standards are set when it comes to process reliability, quality and process transparency. With the help of the EMI, temperature- resp. process profiles as well as parameters can be easily input and visualised.

High End laser optics with integrated camera, pyrometer and Air knife

SWF-LL soldering module: 100% traceability due to high speed control technology

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