Made in Germany

Our aim is to realise high-quality and technically perfect machines. It is all about the optimal solution for every customer.

EUTECT stands for a consistently applied quality management, that does not first begin during production, rather already during the development.

Contrary to the usual trend, we prefer a high real net output ratio. In our Technology Centre we find the optimal connecting process for your product. Modules and systems are developed in our 3D design system and transferred via the CAM system to our CNC production. We assemble, document and program in-house.

The commissioning takes place on our premises or on-site at our customers. In addition, by means of machine- and process training courses as well as production support, we offer our customers deadline security in the project and fast, competent support from a single source.

Consequently we guarantee products and services, that always and comprehensively meet the requirements for the seal of approval “”Made in Germany”.


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Securing the future through sustained action

Every year we invest over 10% of our turnover in research and development. Our employees, partners and customers thereby ensure again and again for new, creative approaches.

Consequently EUTECT is always at the cutting edge.

We also promote this through the continuous further education of our employees. Internally, know-how presentations of the individual teams that are held every month ensure for the best possible transfer of knowledge in the entire EUTECT team. Through cross-team project communication, we create a great wealth of experience, from which every single employee profits.

We know: Every employee is part of the EUTECT problem-solving competence. An open, alert type of collaboration as well as a good working relationship in the team and with the customer is the foundation for lasting company success.

We are happy to share this company success, because sustained action does not end at the works gate. EUTECT supports a series of social and ecological projects nationwide and in our own region. Because as a part of society, it is a matter of concern to us, to act socially and conscientiously.

Cradle to Cradle concept

In every unit delivered by Eutect, not only labour time but also material values have been invested, which can be used for new projects. This can be, for example, the production cell, kinematic solutions but also soldering modules such as soldering nozzles, wire feeders or thermodes. If these parts are still operating, they can also be reused and can be integrated into other machine concepts if the sustainability and cradle-to-cradle idea is applied. This approach is based on a continuous and consistent recycling management. The German chemist Michael Braungart and the American architect William McDonough came up with this approach, which is based on “cradle-to-cradle products” that can be kept continuously in technical cycles as “technical nutrients”. Our “technical nutrients”, such as the production cell, soldering modules, robots or other kinematic systems are returned to our production after a thorough inspection and overhaul, as well as extensive functional testing, after this has been agreed to by the customer.

Customer loyalty through problem-solving competence

The customer and his problem are at the centre of our thoughts and actions.

For your products, your tasks and your specific requirements, we create solutions for mutual success. We thereby accompany and support you throughout the entire process of your product development. For the planned integrated circuit packaging (AVT), your products are jointly evaluated in a process environment suitable for volume production.

Our EUTECT Technology Centre is available for evaluations as well as pre-production soldering in order to find a practical solution under original process conditions.

All results and experiences flow directly into our product development. This know-how forms the foundation for the success of the project and the maximum technological benefit for further projects in the future.

We want to accompany you over the long-term.


Feinhütte Halsbrücke

With over 400 years of experience in metallurgy, Feinhütte Halsbrücke is one of the oldest metallurgical plants in Europe and Germany’s only tin and lead smelting plant of this complexity in the field of pyro- and hydrometallurgy. As extremely experienced specialists in soft solders and alloys for industry and trade, they supply almost all alloys according to standard or individual customer-specific specifications. Feinhütte Halsbrücke also finds innovative solutions for new applications. The range of products includes almost every common format – from ingots and blocks, rods, bars and studs, solder wire and flux-cored solder, classical anodes to practical bulk material formats. In addition, they provide various services such as solder bath analysis, solder bath management, laboratory diagnostics as well as a comprehensive full recycling service for production waste.

Emil Otto

Since 1901 the name “Emil Otto” stands for top quality. As owner-managed company, Emil Otto is committed to the development and manufacturing of high-quality fluxing agents. In particular the fluxing agents for electronics production, strip tinning, cooler construction as well as for galvanizing are used by market leaders at home and abroad.

Over the year’s reliable products and a high level of customer care have become the signature. The manufacturing takes place in accordance with the latest standards, the quality- and environmental management system has been certified for many years. Emil Otto responds with high flexibility to customer requests. Special products or product adaptations are developed and implemented in collaboration with system manufacturers and institutes.


INMATEC is the international market leader in the production of nitrogen and oxygen generators. The company, based in Herrsching am Ammersee near Munich, has stood for innovative technology “Made in Germany” for over 25 years! With the experience and know-how from over 8,000 installed systems around the world, the company develops and produces modern, energy-efficient and future-oriented solutions for on-site nitrogen production. Based on many years of experience in the electronics industry, INMATEC has also developed various products specifically for electronics production that deliver high purity nitrogen at extremely low costs even in small quantities, including an easy-to-use, low-maintenance plug & play solution. The nitrogen generated by INMATEC generators meets the requirements for a wide variety of soldering processes such as selective, wave or reflow soldering. An innovative and extremely efficient technology for extracting nitrogen from the ambient air helps to save considerable costs for the uninterrupted N2 supply. A service team available around the clock coordinates the deployment of the service technicians for customers worldwide.

Optimum – Smart Klaus

Smart Klaus is a multiple award-winning and field tested cognitive assistance system. By means of industrial image processing and intelligent image recognition it supports employees in manual assembly, in goods receipt and in goods issue.

In manual assembly, Smart Klaus is used as a cognitive worker assistance system and takes over worker guidance and simultaneous quality assurance of the individual assembly steps in real time and directly at the assembly site. He guides the workers step by step through the assembly process and simultaneously checks that no errors occur. The employees can work without stress and learn new assembly tasks quickly and safely.

Tübingen Tigers

We are a top partner and youth sponsor of the Tübingen Tigers. According to our motto: We create connections, we can be found with our logo on the jerseys of the youth teams of the NBBL and JBBL. Furthermore, together with the Tübingen Tigers, we award the EUTECT Assist Champion of the professional team (2nd Basketball Bundesliga) as well as the NBBL and JBBL teams on every matchday. We are very much looking forward to the long-term partnership and wish the Tübingen Tigers much success in the years to come.


We create connections

EUTECT cooperates with competent partners, such as universities, technical colleges, institutes, working groups, networks and ministries.

Through the professional exchange we want to secure and expand our top position in the market. Thanks to these networks, we can evaluate and analyse technical developments early, and if appropriate, integrate them in the technical further development of our products.


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