The ongoing miniaturization of electronics requires increasingly complex soldering connections. High packaging densities and the increasing multi-functionality of assemblies are forcing manufacturers to constantly find new ways of mounting and connecting technology. EUTECT therefore develops soldering systems for a wide range of industrial sectors and end products in order to reliably and efficiently handle these complex tasks.


Vehicles are equipped with more and more functions and intelligent electrical assistants. On EUTECT’s machines a variety of systems are soldered for the most diverse manufacturers and vehicles, such as for example transmission electronics, components for power-assisted steering and electric drives, parking assistants, distance alert systems, key systems, control elements in the cockpit, headlamps etc.

Industrial automation

The industrial automation systems of today range from the integration of highly specialised processes and their control units through to fully networked Industry 4.0. The most diverse products, such as sensors, electric microdrives, generator parts, conveyor systems etc. are soldered on EUTECT’s machines for today’s tasks and the scopes of application of tomorrow.

Medical technology

In today’s hospitals, medical laboratories and doctors’ surgeries, medical technology and the electronic systems thereby used play an increasingly important role. A fault-free functioning of analysis systems, cardiac pacemakers, operation-accompanying systems or simple electronic clinical thermometers is ensured through stable and reliable solder connections by EUTECT.

White goods

Our daily housekeeping is no longer conceivable without washing machines, tumble dryers and automatic dishwashers. They simplify our life appreciably, and once they stop working we very quickly realise how much we have grown accustomed to this comfort. Drives, controllers and other systems enable this everyday comfort and many of these necessary technologies are manufactured on EUTECT systems. A wide variety of manufacturers of so-called white goods decided in favour of EUTECT, in order to be able to manufacture their products reliably and efficiently.

Consumer goods

Our daily life is no longer conceivable without electronics. Electronics accompany us in all situations, they are a matter of course that we hardly notice, becoming smaller and smaller with increasing multifunctionality. The costs for these high-performance electronics often remain manageable for the end consumers. This can only be achieved when electronics can be manufactured under cost-effective conditions. As on the systems from EUTECT, which enable an efficient, process-reliable and cost-optimised assembly soldering.


Rapid travel, fast flow of goods and communication spanning the globe are part of the social and economic globalisation. Among other things, aircraft and satellite technology enable this progress. The reliability of such technologies thereby plays a great part. Solder joints are under particular scrutiny, especially at high acceleration, as they must withstand the force occurring. This can only be achieved with a highly precise soldering process, as on the systems from EUTECT, where a wide variety of components are manufactured for these applications in the aerospace sector.

Applications of tommorow

One thing is certain: electronic systems will in future be an increasingly important element of our life.
From autonomous mobility, Green Energy, Industry 4.0 through to increasingly versatile communication possibilities, reliable solder connections will be an important factor for the implementation. With its know-how, experience and problem-solving competence beyond the standard, EUTECT will continue to successfully contribute towards this.

System integration

We offer system integrators the right soldering process integration solutions.

As a specialist for selective soldering processes, EUTECT offers a globally unique process and system solution in combination with EUTECT Control Technology and EUTECT Software, which is available as a modular system for the integration of a soldering process.

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