EUTECT-Automation cells

The EUTECT-Cells concept stands for smart and stable welded steel frames. It forms a solid base for flexible and individual machine concepts according to the individual requirements.

E-CELLS, EUTECT Automation cells

Our scalable E-CELLS stand for efficient use of space as well as modularity with precision and sustainability.

With a grid dimension of 300mm in width and length, each automation cell can be individually adapted to a wide range of tasks in terms of size, optionally also in terms of height. To implement our EUTECT cradle-to-cradle principle even more sustainably, we have reduced the number of control cabinets and replaced them with centralised and easily exchangeable cabinet solutions. On the one hand, these cabinet solutions support service and maintenance efficiency, and on the other hand, they enable a new, less complex but more clearly structured wiring concept. And in addition to all these sustainable benefits, the rigidity of the automation cells has been increased by over 50%.


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Modularity beyond the standard

  • Tailor-made flexibility through cell extension in length and width
  • Highest rigidity for precise soldering and automation processes
  • Central control cabinet for efficient service and maintenance services
  • Real sustainability thanks to integrated cradle-to-cradle concept
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