EUTECT Traceability

EUTECT Traceability

Soldering process can only be reproduced if individual process parameters and steps are controlled, monitored and documented. EUTECT has developed a large number of these controlled process steps in order to guarantee the traceability of the individual steps within the soldering process at all times.

Below are some examples of controlled EUTECT process solutions:

Temperature, force- and path-contolled thermode soldering

µ – precise penetration depth and °-exact temperature and 0.1N exact force control

Force and path controlled Sensitive Wire Feeder (SWF)

µ – precise path, 1.5N precise force control and 0.05mm precise wire feed

Temperature, force- and path-controlled Laser Knife

µ – precise penetration depth and °-exact temperature and 0.1N exact force control

Preheating, induction and laser modules

Heat input is pyrometer controlled

Preheatig module
Induction soldering
Laser soldering

Flux Modules

Dispensing of flux using flux beam recording for quantity and position control (flux start query)

Brush module

Height-regulated brush monitoring for early wear detection

IW 1 & 2 mini wave module

Height controlled mini waves

Nitrogen soldering

Monitored and regulated nitrogen supply

Monitored and regulated nitrogen supply

Prevents overheating of the solder bath and thus defects on heaters and integrated electronics.

Barcode, RFID and specific reading and writing devices

Standard machine equipment

Suction monitoring by means of flow sensor technology

Flow is measured and the system is only started when the suction is functioning

Application of flux

Checking the flux application by using flux density control (two chamber system)

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