With a grid dimension of 300 mm in width and length, our new production cell E-cell can be individually adapted to a wide range of tasks in terms of size, optionally also in terms of height. To implement our EUTECT cradle-to-cradle principle even more sustainably, we have reduced the number of control cabinets and replaced them with centralised and easily exchangeable cabinet solutions.

EUTECT E-ssembly

With E-ssembly, we are introducing a completely new “line” production concept that is characterised by maximum flexibility, dynamics and sustainability. The newly created possibilities are not only ideal for electronics production, but also for automation in other manufacturing sectors.

EUTECT Sustained Ring Soldering (SRS)

The Sustained Ring Soldering module offers a new possibility of cycle-time-optimised, highly accurate and economically sustainable soldering due to prefabricated rings made of solder wire. The SRS module is a fully automatic ring production device that is used to manufacture specific solder rings.
These pre-assembled solder rings are then placed on and around THT pins and processed by means of laser, piston or induction soldering processes, as well as with IR emitters or hot air.

EUTECT – Machines Portfolio

  • IW1 S150

    Copper wire high temperature soldering

  • IW1 S151HDE

    Mini waves soldering with AOI

  • IW1 S151HDE

    Mini waves soldering with AOI

  • IW1 S150 SMART

  • IW1 S150 SMART

    Mini waves soldering

  • IW1 S211RO

    Inline mini waves soldering of conductor line with satellite carrier

  • TL XS800

    Desktop thermode soldering

  • SWFLL S151

    Inline laser soldering automation with placement correction

  • LK S150

    Inline laser knife soldering of batteries

  • IW1-2 Modul

    Miniwave dual soldering modul with hubtable

  • IF4 Fluxmodul

    Quadruple inject fluxmodule with x-y axis

  • IW1 S151 RO

    miniwave soldering with integrated roboter

  • IW1 S211 RO AOI

    miniwave soldering with integrated roboter and separate AOI-cell

  • IW1 S211 RO

    Robot soldering automation with nitrogen producer

  • IW1-2 Modul

    Miniwave soldering module with doppelpoint nozzle and laser high detection

  • IW1 Modul

    Miniwave soldering module and laser high detection

  • IW1 S270 RO

    Robot soldering automation

  • SWF LL Modul

    Laser soldering module with sensitiv wire feeder

  • SWF LL S150

    Laser soldering

  • IW1-2 S211 RO

    Miniwave soldering automation with robot and separate AOI-cell

  • IW1 S211 RO

    Miniwave soldering automation with robot and separate AOI-cell

  • AOI Cell

    Automatical optical inspection cell

  • IW1 S211 RO

    Robot automation

  • IW1 S150 RO

    Robot soldering cell

  • SWF KL + TL S210

    Research system with thermode soldering and piston soldering with sensitiv wire feeder

  • SWF LL S151 AOI Verify

    Inline soldering automation with AOI and verify

  • SWF LL XS800

    Lasersoldering cell

  • IW1-2 S211 RO

    Inline soldering automation with integrated Robot

  • IW1 ROC

    Miniwave soldering with collaborative robot

  • TL S270

    Thermod soldering with dispens cell

Technical complexity does not always make a product unique

Uniqueness means finding easy and efficient solutions to overcome the challenges in soldering automation.
The basis for this is listening, asking questions and a common understanding.

Matthias Fehrenbach, Managing Director

The cooperation between the companies Emil Otto, Feinhütte Halsbrücke and EUTECT is based on an open exchange of technology and maximum solution orientation.


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