EUTECT – Synergy of two generations

Tradition and progress

Our motivation is to solve tasks jointly in a team with customers and partners. EUTECT is the perfect combination of senior experts, lateral thinkers, tinkerers and doers. We like to think outside the box.

As an owner-managed family business, we promote the impulses and ideas of our employees since 1978. That is the basis for innovation and constant change – in our own team and in the collaboration with our customers and partners.

Only he who continuously renews himself, is able to meet the demands of the future.

We are happy to tackle this challenge with you. Conscientiously, reliably and sustainably. We are your partner for solutions beyond the standard.

EUTECT – machines portfolio

  • IW1 S150

    Copper wire high temperature soldering

  • IW1 S151HDE

    Mini waves soldering with AOI

  • IW1 S151HDE

    Mini waves soldering with AOI

  • IW1 S150 SMART

  • IW1 S150 SMART

    Mini waves soldering

  • IW1 S211RO

    Inline mini waves soldering of conductor line with satellite carrier

  • TL XS800

    Desktop thermode soldering

  • SWFLL S151

    Inline laser soldering automation with placement correction

  • LK S150

    Inline laser knife soldering of batteries

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