EUTECT E-ssembly

XPlanar automation for today’s and tomorrow’s inline manufacturing

The floating product transport by means of the XPlanar from Beckhoff, which we have implemented in our E-ssembly concept, creates completely new possibilities for handling products inside and outside the machines as well as between the individual process steps. This means that we can look at inline production in a completely new way, and this has opened up possibilities that cannot be implemented with conventional belt transport systems.

Interactive, digital modular kit, incl. watch list function

For more than 15 years, our modular kit has presented the entire range of modules from which we configure the machine solutions for your selective soldering processes. We have now transferred this modular kit into the digital age to offer easier operation, a better overview, more information, interactivity and a strong link to the other product information.

Many pieces of the puzzle make the EUTECT soldering processes efficient and reliable.

This includes parameters such as minimized production costs, as well as low cycle times and downtimes.

To achieve this, we invest a lot of time in the development of our modules. We take our customers’ suggestions for optimization and incorporate them into the further development of each individual module. This results in constant further development of all EUTECT products.

Using the IW1 and IW1-2 mini-waves, we illustrate what this means in individual cases.

New EUTECT product brochure

We have taken the communication of our processes & modules to a new level.

Together with our partner Butter and Salt tech marketing GmbH, we have developed an interactive brochure that combines static and interactive information.
In this, for example, videos about our processes can be played directly. In this way we manage to offer information from different media compactly to the brochure user.
In addition, direct links are built in to get information about further solutions online.

EUTECT – Machines Portfolio

  • IW1 S150

    Copper wire high temperature soldering

  • IW1 S151HDE

    Mini waves soldering with AOI

  • IW1 S151HDE

    Mini waves soldering with AOI

  • IW1 S150 SMART

  • IW1 S150 SMART

    Mini waves soldering

  • IW1 S211RO

    Inline mini waves soldering of conductor line with satellite carrier

  • TL XS800

    Desktop thermode soldering

  • SWFLL S151

    Inline laser soldering automation with placement correction

  • LK S150

    Inline laser knife soldering of batteries

  • IW1-2 Modul

    Miniwave dual soldering modul with hubtable

  • IF4 Fluxmodul

    Quadruple inject fluxmodule with x-y axis

  • IW1 S151 RO

    miniwave soldering with integrated roboter

  • IW1 S211 RO AOI

    miniwave soldering with integrated roboter and separate AOI-cell

  • IW1 S211 RO

    Robot soldering automation with nitrogen producer

  • IW1-2 Modul

    Miniwave soldering module with doppelpoint nozzle and laser high detection

  • IW1 Modul

    Miniwave soldering module and laser high detection

  • IW1 S270 RO

    Robot soldering automation

  • SWF LL Modul

    Laser soldering module with sensitiv wire feeder

  • SWF LL S150

    Laser soldering

  • IW1-2 S211 RO

    Miniwave soldering automation with robot and separate AOI-cell

  • IW1 S211 RO

    Miniwave soldering automation with robot and separate AOI-cell

  • AOI Cell

    Automatical optical inspection cell

  • IW1 S211 RO

    Robot automation

  • IW1 S150 RO

    Robot soldering cell

  • SWF KL + TL S210

    Research system with thermode soldering and piston soldering with sensitiv wire feeder

  • SWF LL S151 AOI Verify

    Inline soldering automation with AOI and verify

  • SWF LL XS800

    Lasersoldering cell

  • IW1-2 S211 RO

    Inline soldering automation with integrated Robot

  • IW1 ROC

    Miniwave soldering with collaborative robot

  • TL S270

    Thermod soldering with dispens cell

Technical complexity does not always make a product unique

Uniqueness means finding easy and efficient solutions to overcome the challenges in soldering automation.
The basis for this is listening, asking questions and a common understanding.

Matthias Fehrenbach, Managing Director

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