The compact EUTECT systems provide various kinematic options for the perfect implementation of the customer project.


In the framework of an evaluation, the right kinematics modules are selected for the customer. The assemblies, possible workpiece carriers, cycle times, production volumes and the soldering modules used thereby play a part.

Different combinations of cells, handling- and process modules are possible according to the task. From this variety of combinations, individual solutions beyond the standard can be implemented, that are oriented to the customer requirements in every detail.


With E-ssembly, we are introducing a completely new “line” production concept that is characterised by maximum flexibility, dynamics and sustainability. The newly created possibilities point the way to the future, not only in electronics production and assembly and connection technology, but also in automation as a whole. By means of the E-cell concept, we offer a new basis for generating maximum customer benefit with integrations such as that of the floating 2D product transport system XPlanar from Beckhoff.

E-ssembly can be used for the following applications:

  • Palletising
  • Loading
  • Assembly
  • Soldering
  • Dispensing
  • Testing
  • more applications


Rotary Indexing Table Automation

Rotary Indexing Table with miniwave

Robot Automation

  • Space- and material efficiency due to 6-axis robots
  • Up to two 6-axis robots in one system
  • Versatile process possibilities
  • Saving of workpiece carriers and belt systems
  • Overhead integration
  • Reduced machine footprint
  • Low maintenance
  • Process independent
  • Highly flexible arrangement of process- and test modules in the smallest installation space
  • Precise control and easy programming
  • Versatile gripper/soldering mask combinations for a high level of flexibility
  • Development of own, mountable and product-specific workpiece carriers
  • Regulated process

For the transport of the assemblies in our systems, in addition we also offer X-Y-Z-axis modules, X-Y-Z-D-lift modules and Inline belt systems.

IW1 S151RO

Integration of cobots

For a customer order, we developed a concept for integrating cobots into lean automation cells. Within the customer project, free-standing 6-axis robots were integrated. The robots’ task is to move PCBs for fluxing, preheating and soldering with a mini-wave in the cell.

EUTECT – Integration of cobots