Thermode soldering

Thermode soldering

As the only system in the world, the EUTECT Thermode Soldering system has a definable, µ-precise penetration.


The Thermode Soldering process is used for processing flexible foils, cable strands and ribbon cables as well as specific SMD components. It is distinguished by the high quality of the result as well as reproducibility.


The modular thermode soldering system can be integrated in stand-alone or inline processes. The application-specific thermode geometries are protected by automatic Kapton feeds and the process is kept stable.


Force, repositioning path and temperature are controlled, visualised and recorded via an HMI control unit. As a result, the entire process performance has the best possible availability and traceability.

Controlled flexible foil soldering with product-specific thermode head

Integrated thermode soldering module with automatic Kapton roller

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