Laser Knife

Laser Knife

Due to its energy balance, geometry independence and process performance, the EUTECT Laser Knife is one of the most resource-efficient soldering processes.


The Laser Knife can be used independently and is extremely fast with a high degree of process reliability.


The Laser Knife can be expanded for even more dynamic and cycle-time optimised soldering processes with galvo optics and X-fold knives. The temperature-controlled laser is equipped with an integrated pyrometer and a camera and guarantees the user maximum process stability, quality and traceability.


The Laser Knife consists of one and/or multiple path- and force monitored hold-down devices and a specific laser lens. The components to be soldered are joined together in a defined manner with the help of the knife. The temperature input therefore takes place without contact via the laser beam. The process module distinguishes itself through a minimal amount of servicing and maintenance work as well as the least possible requirement for replacement- and wearing parts.

Specific 4-fold Laser Knife module with controlled single laser optics

Inline Laser Knife soldering automation

EUTECT Laser Knife im Einsatz
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