Why are the solder masks at EUTET made of Titanium?

The customer only gets real process stability and benefits in selective soldering or soldering with mini-wave and mask technology if the mask has been developed and manufactured in relation to the solder nozzle, thereby ensuring their joint function. Assemblies that are becoming increasingly complex due to miniaturization or difficult-to-access and sensitive geometries require new solutions. EUTECT has developed these over the last 25 years and successfully installed them in production lines.

Special solder nozzle mask combinations made of composite materials, for example, often reach the limits of what is technically feasible. For example, if PCBs are already mounted in a housing and SMD components on the underside are very close to the housing and the THT solder joints to be soldered, walls, intermediate webs and connections must be very thin. Since the metal webs must nevertheless be stable in the long term, we manufacture all masks from titanium.

Particularly for bar widths of far less than 1 mm and the required longevity, the material titanium must be relied upon. Thanks to its high strength, it is possible to manufacture a bar width of less than 0.5 mm. But titanium also offers other advantages. For example, the metal is very durable and resistant to fluxes, aggressive cleaning substrates and other chemical influences. Due to the temperatures achieved by EUTECT in the soldering processes and because of the high process throughputs, the EUTECT solder masks are manufactured as titanium full masks.

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