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Choosing the right selective soldering process for my end product?

It depends on many different factors

Components used ( SMD/THT?), number of assemblies and solder joints, cycle times, PCB design and number of changes of soldering profile and finally the budget. These parameters are looked at in an evaluation, which takes place in the EUTECT technical centre. All wave and nozzle soldering processes as well as the laserthermode, induction, piston soldering and laser knife processes can be used at this facility. In accordance with the customer’s specifications and economic requirements, we develop solutions which are refined in further steps with all necessary pre- and post-processing. Starting with the machine cell, kinematics, fluxing and quality control, highly efficient systems are created. The modules that are optimal for the task in terms of process technology and economy are selected and combined to form proven stand-alone, rotary transfer or inline production concepts.

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