Does EUTECT also support system integrators with its modules and process knowledge?

As an expert in selective soldering processes, EUTECT offers a unique process and system solution in combination with EUTECT control technology and EUTECT software, which is available to every system integrator as a modular system. As a traditional family business, EUTECT has successfully realised many complex projects beyond the standard worldwide in the past. Based on this experience, EUTECT has developed a broad module portfolio. This portfolio, the technical know-how, the experience as well as the project support are available to system integrators from different industries.

The cooperation with EUTECT therefore results in versatile competitive advantages for the system integrator:

– Defined solution strategies for complex soldering tasks with a high degree of individualisation

– Access to a wide range of experience in the development of solutions, project planning and management of customer projects

– Quick and easy access to process information and technologies related to soldering as well as automation solutions

– Fast implementation of evaluations and feasibility analyses for the end customer

– Maximum flexibility in design, assembly and implementation

– Proactive solutions to manufacturing challenges

– Access to the latest developments and integration solutions (see XPlanar) thanks to consistent further development of the EUTECT service portfolio

– Access to technology partners and experts from the EUTECT network


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