Why are evaluations critical to the process?

Our EUTECT technical center is equipped with all soldering process modules from our product range. In the technical center, we evaluate your product using our processes in order to achieve the goals required by you or your customer or to make them even more efficient through newly developed solutions. In this way, we ensure stable and efficient series production with the desired quality of results.

Especially for complex tasks, evaluation is all the more important in order to identify possible future production challenges at an early stage. Here, our customers benefit from a steady increase in know-how thanks to our many years of soldering process and automation expertise in product design, metallurgy, software, processes, control and automation conception. Based on this, we develop process and automation solutions for your most economically optimal solutions.

Since EUTECT evaluations take place under original process conditions suitable for series production, the nozzles, masks and workpiece carriers made for this purpose can not only be used in the subsequent series production process, but are also available for the production of validation samples.

Furthermore, the evaluations result in possible product design changes for even more stable and efficient production and process solutions. These results are prepared in a transparent evaluation and process documentation for the customers, so that decisions can be made on a secure basis.

Metallurgical examinations with neutral evaluations are carried out by external partners on request.

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