What needs to be considered when developing a workpiece carrier?

The development of customized workpiece carriers requires careful planning and consideration of various factors to ensure that the carriers meet the customer’s requirements and fit the selected soldering process so that it works efficiently. Based on the characteristics of the customer’s product, the cycle time and the requirements of a soldering process for an assembly, we develop customized workpiece carriers that solve all the given tasks and at the same time provide all the necessary functions.

We include customer requirements such as component identification or placement queries as well as the integration of specific soldering masks which are integrated directly into the carrier.

We also develop satellite workpiece carriers. Since special requirements for a workpiece carrier often cannot be adapted by standard carrier systems, or because only standard carriers are used in the process cells due to standardized belts, we also develop so-called satellite workpiece carriers. These are taken from the basic workpiece carrier for the soldering process in order to carry out the respective processes. We use robots or other kinematics for this purpose.

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