How does a QR code support you and us in machine documentation?

All EUTECT machines and modules are supplied by us with a special QR code. This QR code is the access to our digital machine documentation hub, the Pink Flamingo.

The Pink Flamingo was built individually for EUTECT and is only available to you and us. It has no interface to our machines, is purely web-based and resides in our cloud, protected from third-party access. Our version is primarily a pure document management system in which, for example, machine master data, maintenance manuals, operating instructions, maintenance protocols and other machine-related documents are stored digitally for each machine. You, as the machine operator as well as the person responsible for production, who are authorised via the integrated admin tool, can then access these documents at any time by scanning the code.

All information on the individual machines, which is available and stored with us, is thus made available to you digitally. The documents are maintained by us in the background and also updated in case of adjustments. Documents that are stuck in a file folder, cannot be found or are no longer up to date are a thing of the past for you.

In addition, the Pink Flamingo has other features that simplify your access to our service, such as a scheduler for maintenance and service calls, a training module, digital maintenance logging or access to remote support.

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