How can Eutect support the optimization of selective soldering processes?

New products, product adaptations and variations, new suppliers or new supplier products – the reasons that speak for an optimization of selective soldering processes can be manifold, such as when a new supplier for PCBs has been selected after several years. Based on current price developments, this was necessary for many electronics manufacturers in recent years. However, after the change of supplier, the quality of the final product is often no longer satisfactory, which in most cases is due to changes in product characteristics and dimensions. In these cases, our process specialists take over the adaptation of the parameters to the new production conditions. In some cases, this is also done for systems that do not originate from our company.

Some of these process optimizations are very complex, such as in a production process in which a Hall sensor was to be soldered onto a circuit board. In addition to the different assembly variants, the boards, which differed in length, were also challenging. Furthermore, the unassembled PCBs were purchased from different suppliers. As a result, each board suddenly had a different quality, which meant that the soldering parameters had to be adjusted in each case. The process expert also had to find this out in a first step. The origin of the quality problems was initially unclear.

Since soldering results of the same quality were to be achieved for all assemblies, new soldering parameters had to be determined for the different qualities of the boards provided. This resulted in the necessity to write and implement new soldering programs. Since the errors occurred as a result of different variants and qualities, a great deal of experience and know-how in soldering process technology was required here. The error rate was reduced from an average of 9% to 0-0.7%, so that the boards originally used can still be soldered today without any problems and without adjusting the parameters.

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