Workpiece carrier & Mask technology

Workpiece carrier & Mask technology

For transport and protection of assemblies within the plant, workpiece carriers (WC) and soldering masks are used. These are developed individually for the assembly to be processed.

Workpiece carrier (WC)

  • Satellite workpiece carriers
  • Highly flexible function WCs
  • Weight-reduced WCs
  • Application of smaller robots
  • Reduced footprint of the machine cell
  • Considerable cost reduction
  • Reduced maintenance work
  • Integrated hold-down function
  • Assembly-specific WCs
  • Easy WC-change
  • Integrated placement inspections (optional)

Product-specific workpiece carrier

Mask technology

  • Optimal cycle time
  • Maximum service life
  • Reduced maintenance work
  • Reduced cleaning work
  • Maximum solder joint quality
  • Maximum component protection against heat and flux
  • Pressure mask technology
  • Integrated component placement support
  • Exact component positioning
  • Integrated inquiry intelligence
  • Maximising of the process window
  • Integrated heating function
  • Miniaturisation and functionality with titanium inserts

EUTECT mask technology for wave soldering

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