EUTECT presents full-service customer support concept

By the end of the year, EUTECT will present a new service concept. This includes additional services and a high level of individual support for customers and partners with service, training and maintenance activities. Further expansion of the spare parts service is planned for 2020.

“Once our customers have decided on a product from our company, our attentive customer liaison has often already started with the evaluation of the soldering process. This thorough service also continues after the installation at the customer’s location,” explains Matthias Fehrenbach, Managing Director of EUTECT GmbH. The new EUTECT service not only includes the common service and maintenance packages, but will go beyond, due to the high degree of individualization of the customized machines. “All process solutions from our company are designed for specific processes, products and working environments and are often implemented only once in a single configuration. Therefore, we tailor our service and maintenance packages just as individually as our machines. After all, service and maintenance must not only contribute to the functionality and value retention of the machine, but must also be geared to the customer’s processes, products and working environments. The goal is the absolute minimization of production downtime,” adds Fehrenbach.

Furthermore, all modules and machines are equipped with their own QR code. This code is attached to at least two easily accessible spots. This code gives access to the operating manual of the machine. Although it is sent with the machine, it is often lost in day-to-day business. The QR code guarantees constant availability of the latest version of the operating manual. In the future, EUTECT will focus even more on the ongoing training of customer employees. “Employees leave, machines and manufacturing processes are relocated, or our customers want to refresh their know how. There are many reasons. We train customer employees worldwide in the efficient use and maintenance of their EUTECT systems and modules. We are happy to share our process knowledge and experience,” says Fehrenbach, describing the training concept. This also includes process training, consulting and automation consulting. The aim of the latter is to integrate the soldering process efficiently into the manufacturing process using automation technology in conjunction with all other relevant manufacturing processes. The entire scope of services is not only offered for EUTECT systems. EUTECT also supports enquiries about soldering process optimization using third-party systems.

A new addition is preproduction, C-sample and small batch production. EUTECT offers this in its in-house EUTECT technical centre. “After the initial installation of the pre-production series, it is often decided whether changes need to be made to the product and thus to the soldering process. These changes then naturally have an influence on the final soldering process. In other cases, the production volumes are too small for an EUTECT system, but the product is too complex to be soldered in a standard system. In this case, our customers can also use our EUTECT technical centre,” Fehrenbach describes this service.

For 2020, Fehrenbach has set the task of optimising the retail of spare parts, tools and consumables. All these activities are accompanied by internal structural changes, since the structures must be adapted to implement the new services. “We have taken the first steps in this direction, but we will have an optimization schedule till 2020. We assume that all implementations will be completed in the spring,” Fehrenbach points out.

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