Solution competence beyond the standard for system integrators

Products that are based on a wide range of manufacturing processes and at the same time are becoming more and more technically complex are constantly presenting machine manufacturers with new challenges. This also applies to the area of selective soldering processes. The soldering specialists at EUTECT GmbH therefore provide support with proven and mature solutions and in-depth metallurgical expertise.

Based on its many years of experience in selective soldering, EUTECT has developed a modular technology system which, in addition to process modules, also includes the corresponding control technology and software solutions. Using the modules, systems can be optimally and cost-effectively designed for the highest possible degree of efficiency. The modular system also offers machine builders the option of integrating individual process modules into an automation system. This is an important advantage, as complete cells with fixed dimensions and specific automation are no longer needed.

“Our solution competence is based on numerous complex projects beyond the standard, which we have realised in more than 25 years. This wealth of experience is reflected in our proven modular system. At the same time, we are consistently developing our service portfolio to be able to offer customers direct access to the latest process and integration solutions,” explains Matthias Fehrenbach, Managing Director and owner of EUTECT GmbH.

“We support machine manufacturers in integrating soldering processes into their overall solutions for automation. For example, we can implement feasibility analyses and complete product evaluations in our technical centre at the Dusslingen site. These form a basis for the production of validation samples and small series. Since we bring our entire experience to bear, we offer our customers further competitive advantages,” Fehrenbach explains.

Automation companies can fall back on three areas in their cooperation with EUTECT: Consulting and process know-how, evaluation and conceptual design, and project planning and implementation. This gives system integrators faster and easier access to process and technology information about soldering and its automation solutions. A quick assessment of how and whether the selective soldering process can be integrated into the desired customer system is therefore possible. Based on the deep know-how in the field of assembly and connection technology and through access to the broad wealth of experience in the development of solution approaches, project planning and management of customer projects, the responsible persons at EUTECT are consequently an important resource for system integrators.

This is also reflected in the evaluation and solution design. Here, EUTECT offers defined solution approaches for complex soldering tasks with a high degree of customisation, based on proactive solution approaches for manufacturing challenges on the part of the end customers.


“We often have the projects on the table that other suppliers have already cut their teeth on and that cannot be implemented with standard solutions,” recalls Fehrenbach.


The evaluations and feasibility studies required for the end customers are therefore implemented as quickly as possible. Since these are carried out under original process conditions and automated, the production of validation samples, small series and prototypes on behalf of customers is also possible.

Finally, EUTECT also assists the system integrators with the implementation. In doing so, the system integrator has recourse to maximum flexibility in design, assembly and implementation, just like any other customer.

“Thanks to a consistent development of the EUTECT service portfolio, we offer every system integrator the latest developments and integration solutions. In addition, we support our customers in integrating our modules into their system concept. This concerns the mechanics, the control technology and the software,” assures Fehrenbach.

At the same time, EUTECT offers its customers the opportunity to use a network of technology partners and experts.

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