Product of the month October- Process modules for system integrators

System integrators and mechanical engineers are often dealing with a heterogeneous system landscape. At the same time, increasingly complex technologies require more sophisticated manufacturing steps. This applies in particular to selective soldering processes. Here, EUTECT’s soldering experts provide support with the IW1 selective soldering module and the IW1-2 double soldering module and offer system integrators individual modules and support for integration into the overall inline configuration. The soldering process modules contained in the specially developed modular system allow a wide range of manufacturing processes for complex products to be carried out optimally.

But also for processes where EUTECT does not supply the main process module, the EUTECT modular system offers solutions. With the specially developed and worldwide unique controlled wire feeder “Sensitive Wire Feeder (SWF)”. This can make the decisive difference in various wire-guided soldering processes.

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