Product of the Month December: High-precision piston soldering with controlled wire feed

EUTECT piston soldering is the only piston soldering process in the world with controlled wire feed

The combination of the motor-driven and spring-loaded soldering tip feed with the SWF module offers users a wide and high-precision process and application window. With its many years of process expertise, EUTECT offers a customer-specific implementation of automated piston soldering. Piston soldering is the ideal soldering process for assemblies that are not high-volume and have a large component variance. EUCTET provides the MPC automation platform, which allows to react flexibly to changing solder joints using a collaborative robot.  For all other automation solutions, EUTECT relies on a flexible SWF system adapter, which allows solid and reproducible integration of soldering irons from a wide range of manufacturers. During piston soldering, process-specific operating data such as the actual amount of wire inserted, the actual temperature at the soldering tip and control diagrams can be read out and visualized for quality assurance purposes.

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