Product of the Month May: Contract manufacturing for selective soldering applications in the electronics industry

As a specialist in selective soldering automation, we offer all selective soldering processes for the production of electronic assemblies in-house and make them available to our customers in the field of custom soldering. In our technical center, where we also carry out process evaluations for developing solutions, we are able to solder up to 60,000 assemblies per year on customers’ behalf. It makes no difference which selective soldering process is used and whether it is a small series, prototypes or batch size 1.

Without exception, we use controlled soldering processes with real process data that can be provided for traceability, for example for automotive products. All soldering takes place under original process conditions. This means that we manufacture specific soldering nozzles, thermodes, induction external circuits, etc. in order to manufacture each assembly efficiently with the most suitable solution according to customer specifications. This solution is also available to our customers for integration into a production line or into an individual soldering automation system following the respective production order.

You can therefore rely on the process development and consulting services of our EUTECT process specialists, who have over 40 years of experience in soldering technology. If necessary, we will also be happy to advise you on the design of the solder joint for an even better connection between the component and substrate.

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