Product of the month: The controlled wire feeder: Sensitive Wire Feeder (SWF)

The controlled wire feed is a decisive key technological prerequisite for piston soldering, induction soldering and laser soldering in order to make the entire soldering process safe and reproducible. Thanks to the electromechanical sensor system, the SWF enables an optimally controllable, reproducible and kink-free wire feed and thus sets new standards in process reliability.

The SWF uses the change in wire contact force to detect the point at which the solder wire has reached the process surface and begins to melt. It reacts to errors and also bridges tolerances in the working height. Complete process data acquisition is possible for safety-relevant assemblies for each selective solder joint.

The SWF is characterized by a variety of added values:

  • High reproducibility
  • Application range for laser, induction or piston soldering and buildup welding
  • Sensitive and fast control of the feed force
  • Minimal maintenance and service requirements
  • Flexible integration options
  • Compact EcoGerD control unit

The SWF can be freely integrated into any application via five mechanical connections or combined with the other process modules via a system adapter.

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