Do you want to prevent solder beads?

Do you want to prevent solder beads?

Do solder beads form during your selective or wave soldering process?

Do you apply the right amount of flux?

Check the amount of flux applied. Place or glue litmus paper, simple fax paper or thermal paper in your product tray or on your product and see how much flux really arrives at the process point.

If possible, reduce the amount of flux to be applied.

Do you preheat your product to activate the flux?

If so, is it the right duration with the right temperature gradient? Implement trackable thermo elements and see what really happens with your product.

How quickly do you dip your product into and out of the selective wave?

Optimize the process depending on the geometry and energy requirements of your product.

Does your selective solder wave have a defined and rising bead preventing solder return as well as warm nitrogen gassing?

If all this does not help, we recommend our → brush module with adjustable speed, brush monitoring, ionization device, suction and much more.

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