Educational & Training Courses

Educational & Training Courses

Training courses & workshops

Employees come and go, machines and production processes are moved to different locations, or you want to refresh your internal knowledge, regardless of the reason, we train you and your employees worldwide in the efficient use and maintenance of your EUTECT system and modules.

We will be happy to share our process knowledge and experience with you or work out individual workshops for you on all aspects of soldering in electronics production.

For example, we offer training courses and workshops on the following topics:

  • Alloys and surfaces
  • Product design for optimal solderability

Are you missing a certain topic?Please contact us.

Process training courses, consulting & automation consulting

We offer our customers individual process training courses, that include both general topics all around soldering as well as being tailored directly to your individual requirements. The training courses can be conducted both in the EUTECT Technology or at your site and usually last one day.

Besides the training courses we also offer process consulting, in order to make your existing soldering processes even more efficient. Thereby the soldering process is analyzed precisely according to the specification of your objectives. Based on the analysis, measures to achieve the objectives are formulated and presented. The process consulting thereby relates not only to EUTECT systems. We are also happy to support inquiries about soldering processes, in which third-party systems are used.

Since soldering processes are often embedded in a process chain or inline production, we also incorporate automation consulting. Here, the objective is to efficiently integrate the soldering process into the manufacturing process in combination with all other relevant production processes with regard to automation technology. The many years of experience of our experts in custom mechanical engineering and electronics production thereby help to propose and implement the right steps.

Pilot series-, C-sample- & small-batch production

Besides the evaluation of your soldering process, in the EUTECT Technology Center we also offer our customers the production of pre-series or small-batch products. Often it is decided after the very first installation, whether modifications to the product and consequently also to the soldering process must be implemented. These modifications naturally then have an influence on the final soldering process. In other cases the production volumes are too small for an EUTECT system, or the product is too complex to be soldered in a standard machine. Our customers can then also utilize our EUTECT Technology Center. The same applies for the processing of production peaks.

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