Produkt of the month february: EMI

EMI: EUTECT Machine Interface

EMI is responsible for the movement in the soldering system and includes different functions that are responsible for the use of the axes and robots.

With the product management DAT editor, for example, products can be created, edited, copied and deleted. Furthermore, the DAT editor is used to assign products to workpiece carrier codes. The sequence programs (DAT, RC & NC) are also displayed. The administration of jobs and the lot height control as well as the input of manual jobs are also carried out via this software solution.

Another module is the JobCreator, with which jobs can be edited graphically (Touch & Move).  This means that the operator can add new points and lines and edit them further. Various parameters, such as the X, Y, Z positions plus two additional axes, the rotary (D) and infeed axes €, the plunge in & out speed, the traverse speed, the dwell time (process time or process parameters), the index (sequence), the MFN (multiple move – a job can be executed repeatedly shifted in X, Y, and Z) are also created and adjusted with the JobCreator.

The additional Teachmode allows to move to selected coordinates (X,Y,Z,D,E) to correct and take over current axis positions or to add new elements to the job from current position.

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