Product of the months november: Xplanar

3-fold laser soldering with XPlanar kinematics

In October, we presented the integration of the XPlanar into one of our systems for the first time. The XPlanar can be a highly interesting alternative for inline transport in electronics production, especially when production processes can be realised more efficiently, such as in this triple laser soldering application. Three loaded movers enter the laser soldering system at the same time, in which the connectors and assemblies are soldered on all movers in one process step. XPlanar tiles were also integrated within the laser soldering system.

For the actual soldering process, the assemblies remain on the XPlanar. The high-precision X-Y-Z positioning is generated by the XPlanar Mover. Once all assemblies have been soldered, they leave the machine at the same time and the next assemblies enter.

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