Product of the month may: Mini Wave Soldering Module IW1 and 2

The ultimate in stable and efficient selective mini wave soldering – the EUTECT IW 1 and IW1-2 soldering modules

The selective solder waves of the technology leader EUTECT guarantee a soldering process free of oxides and residues with the inert gas atmosphere. Due to the continuously pumped solder wave, the heat transfer from the solder melt is homogeneously, circumferentially transferred to the solder joint geometry reliably and reproducibly. At the same time, the flowing solder wave cleans the solder joint from excess flux residues, oxides and contamination.

The modular solder tank sizes, together with the electromagnetically operating solder pump system and the quick-change solder nozzles, form the process basis of our IW1 and 1-2 mini wave soldering modules (double nozzle module). The redundant temperature control, the constant solder bath level, the optional solder wave height control and the continuous solder wire tracking guarantee maximum system autonomy for highly efficient soldering processes.

The solder joint is physically self-adjusting due to the capillary filling degree solder saturation. The optimum solder geometry is mapped reliably to the pad-pinform, pin-hole position and thermal mass distributions in the PCB structure. Solder penetrations, menisci and intermetallic phase characteristics round off the overall performance in a reproducible manner.

Individual nozzle geometries tailored by us to the customer’s product lead to a further increase in the efficiency of the soldering process, guarantee a stable connection structure between component and substrate and minimise the risk of solder beads.

Our soldering expertise, the mini wave technology we have developed and established in the market, our ability to individually adapt solder nozzles to the most demanding assemblies, our process knowledge and our many years of experience form a perfect package for your selective soldering tasks.

We will be happy to advise you individually and give you a detailed insight into all aspects of reliable, cycle-time-optimised assembly soldering tailored to your end product. Information on the IW 1 and IW1-2 mini wave soldering modules will be available at SMTconnect 2022, from 10 – 12 May 2022 in Nuremberg, at our exhibition stand, Hall 4, Stand 335A. We will be happy to provide you with a free admission ticket.

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