Product of the month march: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

EUTECT’s protective equipment for safe laser soldering applications and service measures.

Especially when using laser systems or performing maintenance work on hot soldering modules, the protection of employees is particularly important. EUTECT therefore offers its customers selected products from the field of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as laser safety spectacles with aired foam frame (B). These spectacles offer full protection in the NIR and IR spectral area (750-1100nm) and alignment protection at 630-635nm. The basket goggles with light green filters can be worn over average sized prescription glasses. Another pair of goggles is offered for service use. These protect the eyes from heat and possible hot solder splashes when working on the mini wave. Also presented for working on the mini wave is a protective glove made of cow split leather, which can be used to clean the solder nozzle of the EUTECT IW module. Here, the hands are protected from burns by the leather of the glove. The assembly glove is recommended for simple maintenance work on the miniwave module.

You can see the correct use of protective equipment here.

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