Product of the month june: Induction soldering module

Induction soldering – high process reliability thanks to temperature and time control

Induction soldering is used for the precise processing of conductive materials and is characterised by efficient heat input. In this process, the materials are heated and soldered quickly and without contact using a largely enclosing, product-specific induction loop. This allows soldering points to be reached that are difficult to access due to a complex assembly geometry. Due to defined time and a pyrometer-controlled temperature, solder joints can be produced reliably and reproducibly. The actual process time is therefore perfectly adapted to the soldering task, which makes cycle-time-optimised soldering possible.

It should be emphasised that with this soldering process, the area that is heated is precisely defined. Adjoining zones and materials remain unaffected, which means that the material stress in these areas is low. The joints created in this way are stable and corrosion-resistant.

In combination with the EUTECT SWF, the only regulated solder wire feed and a pyrometrically guided temperature control, fast and controlled process control is available. Through the interaction of different wire feed or dispenser modules, customised soldering applications can be implemented, with which solder pastes, solder rings and preforms can also be processed.

The entire soldering process is characterised by high energy efficiency, in which minimal and always reproducible amounts of solder are consumed. The non-contact energy input is freely definable. Thanks to a short warm-up time, the process offers immediate system and process availability with rapid temperature application. All process parameters are controlled. A 100% traceability is guaranteed.

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