Product of the month april: EUTECT control technology using the example of the sensitive wire feeder (SWF)

Due to the high packaging densities and the ever-increasing miniaturisation, solder joints are becoming smaller and smaller. Precise soldering processes are therefore indispensable to obtain high-quality solder joints. In order to achieve these goals, controlled production processes are necessary, because only if the technology also knows how the process behaves at the solder joint can a precise solder joint be produced. At EUTECT, innovative and globally unique technologies such as the EUTECT wire feeder SWF are used for this purpose on the one hand, and on the other hand, data is collected using a wide range of sensors and pyrometers. This data is read out in real time, processed and executed in time in the soldering process by means of the EUTECT control technology.

The EUTECT laser soldering process, for example, operates in a completely closed control loop. Due to the force- and path-controlled wire feed in combination with a pyrometer coaxially mirrored through the laser optics and a camera for process visualisation, the user knows exactly what is happening during the soldering process and the system can independently readjust various parameters.

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