Participation in the Coiltech Germany 2023 trade fair

As an expert in assembly and connection technology with clever, modular soldering automation, EUTECT also represents the transformation in the e-mobility sector. At Coiltech, in March 2023, the company presented its solutions to a large expert audience. Around 3,000 international visitors were welcomed at the trade fair, which took place at the Augsburg Exhibition Centre.

The Coiltech trade fair is an industry meeting place that includes machines, materials, techniques and test equipment for the production of electric motors, generators, transformers and e-mobility solutions with various degrees of specialisation.

Fehrenbach and his team presented processes and mini wave modules from the field of enamelled copper wire soldering. EUTECT’s soldering processes are used by companies worldwide in a variety of manufacturing processes, whether in modern battery production for e-mobility applications or in the manufacture of key less-go, park distance or smart light products in vehicles.

The selective solder wave presented at Coiltech guarantees a soldering process free of oxides and residues with the inert gas atmosphere. The solder wave, which is continuously pumped by means of an induction pump, transfers the heat from the solder melt homogeneously and circumferentially to the solder joint geometry. The flowing solder wave cleans the solder joint from excess flux residues, oxides and contamination.

The full video can be found here.

Messestand der EUTECT GmbH auf der Coiltech 2023
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