Which parameters must be in focus when evaluating the optimal soldering process?

When developing the best possible technical implementation for soldering tasks, the product with its given design and any possible design adaptations, the desired product quality, the existing and required automation concepts in production and the process quality are the focus of our actions. As part of the evaluation of the soldering process, these parameters are analysed and discussed in detail with the customer in a design and product consultation, if they have not yet been fixed.  

Our EUTECT technical centre is equipped with all soldering process modules from our range. This is where we evaluate your and our processes to achieve the goals required by you or your client or to make them even more efficient through newly developed solutions. In this way, we ensure stable and efficient series production with the desired result quality. For the evaluation, task-specific masks, nozzles and workpiece carriers are produced, which reproduce the subsequent original series process and also create initial requirements for subsequent validation samples. In doing so, we contribute our entire process knowledge and our many years of experience. 

After receiving the customer’s request, we already ask for important information that is necessary for the subsequent evaluation. This clearly defines which goals are to be achieved with the finished production solution: 

  • Number of pieces/year 
  • Number and type of components 
  • Drawings, pictures and/or samples of the assembly or connection partners to be soldered. 
  • Cycle times, excluding handling times 
  • Cleanliness requirement of the assembly according to process 
  • Cleanliness requirements in production  
  • Inline or batch production 
  • Pad geometries  
  • Surface conditions of the partners to be connected 
  • Possible flux specification 
  • Possible solder alloy specification 

Much of this information about your product and your production are important parameters for us so that we can select or develop the right soldering process and the right machine configuration for you. Our solutions are specifically tailored to your production needs and thus also to your information about your end product, or have been developed for your product. 

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