What does innovation mean to EUTECT?

In the context of innovation, products, services or processes are generally further developed and/or brought to a new process level through the application of new procedures or the introduction of new technologies. This drive to make processes ever faster and more efficient and at the same time ever more sustainable is the DNA of EUTECT GmbH. In doing so, it is also necessary to look beyond one’s own nose in order to recognise new possibilities. We do this consistently and this has enabled us to develop and implement a completely new line concept with the XPlanar from Beckhoff.

We have now integrated this XPlanar into an inline laser soldering system in a pilot project. The floating product transport by means of the XPlanar creates completely new possibilities in our E-ssembly concept for the handling of products inside and outside the machines as well as between the individual process steps. This means that we can look at inline production in a completely new way, and this has resulted in possibilities that are not feasible with conventional conveyor belt systems.

The E-ssembly line was developed by us for the production of assemblies for all common I/Os and fieldbus systems of Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG. The soldering line consists of two loading systems incl. palletizing unit, an optical position correction, a laser cell with three laser soldering heads and a final loading system with palletizer. The entire assembly transport outside and inside the plants is carried out via the XPlanar planar motor system from Beckhoff.

A truly innovative, unique inline manufacturing concept for today and tomorrow!

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