How can lot size 1 be effortlessly integrated into the selective inline soldering process?

Lot size 1 or small quantities are a challenge for any process, because in this case the well-established series production has to be interrupted in a time-consuming way. New ideas and concepts are therefore necessary. It also applies to the selective soldering of electronic assemblies. This challenge can be met with new line production concepts based on the XPlanar from Beckhoff.
The new line manufacturing concept offers maximum flexibility and is characterized by dynamics and sustainability. The units transport assemblies seemingly chaotically from one process cell to the next, adapting paths and speeds to achieve the highest possible level of efficiency. Because a wide variety of assemblies can thus be manufactured simultaneously in one production line, the transport systems are the solution to the manufacturing challenges of today and tomorrow.

The XPlanar mover allows each product to be transported separately and independently through individual process stations and cells and to be positioned with maximum precision. This means that lot size 1 or even smaller quantities can easily be produced simultaneously within large-scale production, on one line. The XPlanar technology can completely take over the axis and robot handling systems required in many processes, which is why these can now be eliminated. This makes new manufacturing concepts possible. This has already been impressively demonstrated with E-ssembly at Motek 2021.

The floating 2D product transport combines the advantages of conventional transport and kinematic systems and supplements them with magnetic levitation technology. This offers new options for product handling. It applies both to the areas inside and outside a machine as well as between the individual process steps. In inline production, this results in design scope that cannot be achieved with conventional belt transport systems. For example, the individual mobility of automated guided vehicles is available to the user on a small scale, since individual assemblies can be transported to any location via any route within the production concept. At the same time, the positioning of a product during processing also becomes the task of the transport system for the first time. Since the levitation effect replaces any mechanical guide components, a new degree of flexibility is achieved.
As soon as the system is used on free paths with a repeatability of 10 µm, it is possible to process different assemblies in a production line simultaneously and independently of sequence and station. The movers transport the assemblies intelligently and in a cycle time-optimized way from process station to process station. This massively increases the output and efficiency of the machines used for series production. The contactless transport also minimizes the need for service, maintenance and wear parts, which is a step towards sustainability.

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