How can flux be applied effectively and economically before the selective soldering process?

Fluxes, such as those from our partner Emil Otto, are an essential component of a soldering process. The flux application, as an independent process, therefore requires just as much know-how as the subsequent soldering process.

For this reason, EUTECT offers different processes in order to be able to provide the customer with the most suitable solution for flux application: from high-precision inject fluxing, splash-free brush fluxing and area-efficient spray fluxing to lift/dip fluxing, which optimises cycle times.

All process modules can be freely integrated and expanded within the Eutect configuration options, enabling sustainable flux application. In most cases, quantity- and position-monitored inject fluxing is used, as it applies the flux to the defined spots with high precision and thus contributes to reduced flux consumption. Lift/dip fluxing is also frequently used. Here, the surface to be wetted is immersed in the flux. With a two-chamber flux preparation system that ensures the perfect mixing ratio of the flux, as well as a cover that protects against evaporation, economical and sustainable flux handling is guaranteed.  In addition, all spray-jet application processes can be documented by means of flux-jet monitoring, which ensures complete order monitoring.

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