How can EUTECT support product development and reduce time to market?

In terms of selective soldering, there is no other company in Germany with so much experience. No matter which soldering task required which soldering process, we just have already realized almost everything. This has allowed us to gain a wide range of different experience and important knowledge, which is now available to our customers.

Often, there is still potential for adaptations of the PCB design and the solder joints placed on it in order to make the soldering process more efficient. We can then point out specific potential, which layout adjustments must be made so that the soldering process functions optimally, also economically. We can then check this adaptation in evaluations.

Or we are approached by companies to assist them with the priority question in product development: Which soldering process is the most suitable? Initially, it does not matter to us whether a selective or convection soldering process is used in the end. We take an objective look at the assembly and work with our customers to find a solution that focuses on an economical, cycle-time-optimized, reproducible and technically flawless soldering process. This also includes possible adjustments in the layout and structure of the assembly and the environment around the solder joints. We can prove the result of the joint work with an evaluation in our technical center.

With our experience, our customers reduce the design effort and thus also the time to market!

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