EUTECT’s modular kit in digital design

EUTECT’s modular kit in digital design

For more than 15 years, the modular kit of the soldering specialist Eutect GmbH has presented the entire range of modules from which the German machine manufacturer develops solutions for selective soldering processes. Eutect has now expanded this modular system with additional functions, digitalised it and integrated it into the company website.

“Our previous modular kit was available in printed form or rather as a PDF. Due to the constant further and new development of our processes and solutions, the modular kit also became more and more extensive, which is why we reached our limits with the print formats. It was simply no longer possible to present all modules. Furthermore, we wanted to make the modular kit more interactive,” Matthias Fehrenbach, Managing Director of Eutect GmbH, explains the reasons for the new building of the MK, as it is called internally. “It is the task that determines the choice of the optimal connection, automation or software module. Our extensive modular kit, which is constantly being further developed, offers interested parties and customers an overview of the many possibilities,” Fehrenbach continues.

The new digitised modular kit offers even more information and allows for easier operation, a better overview, greater interactivity and a stronger link to Eutect’s solution expertise. As a digital tool, the MK is available online to all customers and interested parties. It includes all modules used in the Eutect machines incl. short descriptions, pictures and videos.

One of the new features of the MK is a memory function. With this, the modules that come into question for the soldering task can be marked and summarised in a list. Interested parties and customers can use this watch list for their internal discussions as well as for contacting Eutect directly.

“Our digital modular kit will thus become a central source of information, both online and offline, and in future will be closely linked to our other communication tools, providing detailed product descriptions, images, videos, added values and links,” Fehrenbach is pleased to say.

Bandbreite der Maschinenlösungen der EUTECT GmbH für selektive Lötprozesse
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