Product of the months: E-ssembly - innovative inline production

With the E-ssembly, we are introducing a completely new line production concept that is characterised by maximum flexibility, dynamics and sustainability. The newly created possibilities are not only trend-setting for electronics production and assembly and connection technology, but also for the entire automation. By means of the E-cell concept created together with Taktomat GmbH, we offer a common basis for generating maximum customer benefit with integrations such as the floating 2D product transport system XPlanar from Beckhoff.

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With the E-ssembly, Eutect GmbH presents a completely new line production concept, which is characterized by maximum flexibility, dynamics and sustainability. The newly created possibilities are not only trend-setting for electronics production and packaging technology, but also for the entire automation. By means of the E-cell concept created jointly with Taktomat GmbH, the special machine manufacturer from Dusslingen offers a common basis for generating maximum customer benefit with integrations such as the floating 2D product transport system XPlanar from Beckhoff.

“Eutect stands for finding a common and optimal solution together with its customers and partners for the respective task. With the project, which we will show in parts at Motek 2021, we show how solution-oriented and successful this cooperation can be. In this project, the customer showed us what possibilities and efficiency could be available to us from the integration of the floating 2D product transport system XPlanar from Beckhoff. With regard to flexibility: i.e. each mover and therefore each product can be transported separately and independently through the individual process stations and cells and positioned with the utmost precision. This means that the XPlanar can completely take over the axis and robot handling systems that are necessary in many processes, thus saving costs. With regard to dynamics and thus the often decisive cycle time, the accelerations as well as the general speeds of the movers moved in the XPlanar are more than impressive. ” explains Matthias Fehrenbach, managing partner of Eutect GmbH. The choice thus fell on the planar motor system for hovering 2D product transport and 6 degrees of freedom from Beckhoff. “The resulting E-ssembly solution offers maximum flexibility and efficiency for a wide range of process steps. In our first customer project, we were then allowed to implement palletizing, assembling, testing, soldering and de-palletizing in various production cells, all connected to the XPLanar,” Fehrenbach continues. Even non-Eutect systems and processes can thus be easily and simply integrated into an existing production line and or automation.

The XPlanar combines the advantages of conventional transport and kinematic systems and supplements them with the unique magnetic levitation technology. “The floating 2D product transport creates completely new possibilities for handling products inside and outside the machine as well as between the individual process steps. This means that we can take a completely new look at inline production, which has resulted in possibilities that cannot be implemented with conventional tape transport systems,” Fehrenbach continues. This gives the user the individual freedom of movement of automated guided vehicles on a small scale, because individual assemblies can be transported to any location within the production concept via any route. The XPlanar combines this flexibility with the dynamics of a linear motor and thus enables the cycle-time-optimised linking of individual production steps and machines. In addition, assemblies can be raised and lowered, which means that the XPlanar significantly supports and simplifies individual production steps. For the first time, the positioning of a product during processing becomes the task of the transport system, because the levitation effect replaces any mechanical guide component, thus achieving a new degree of flexibility.

The modular expandable production cell E-cell newly presented by Eutect in the summer of 2021 is designed, among other things, for the use of the XPLanar. “When developing the E-cell, we had the future integration of the XPlanar firmly in mind. That means that the planar tiles can be integrated into the new cell,” Fehrenbach continues. Thanks to these possibilities, the Swabian special machine builder is able to offer new design solutions. Due to the free travel paths on which the mover is used with a repeat accuracy of 10 µm, different assemblies can be processed simultaneously in a production line, independent of sequence and station. At a speed of 2m/s, the movers transport assemblies intelligently and in a cycle time-optimized manner from process station to process station. “We can thus massively increase the output and thus the efficiency of the machines used for series production. In addition, the contactless transport minimizes the need for service, maintenance and wear parts, thus making the step towards sustainability a reality.” explains Fehrenbach.

Thanks to the high modularity achieved, different process cells can also be easily interconnected. “The effort required for process conversion and process integration as well as retrofitting is minimal. For example, process cells can also be easily exchanged for each other or expanded by these, should a different process and or soldering technology be necessary,” says Fehrenbach. The managing director of Eutect GmbH goes on to explain that this means that high line utilisation can be optimally scaled. Since the process stations, which are dependent on the process and thus the cycle time, can be loaded independently of each other but optimally.

“We are firmly convinced that the demand for manufacturing solutions that can be freely designed and/or scaled in their expansion stage, arrangement and assembly, i.e. task, will increase strongly. And with the E-ssembly solution we want to offer our customers and partners this flexibility, efficiency and reusability”, Fehrenbach looks into the future. Furthermore, the specialists of Eutect GmbH will also present a newly developed soldering process at the trade fair. This soldering process is cycle time optimized, reproducible and freely integrable as well as automatable. It is the Sustained Ring Soldering process (SRS), which Fehrenbach and his team will also present at Motek 2021 at the joint stand with Taktomat GmbH in Hall 5, Stand 5215.

With our complete service trolley, including all necessary tools as well as the accommodation of standard mini wave modules and PD68 solder nozzles, you get the ideal and mobile workstation for your service and maintenance activities. For customer-specific solder modules as well as solder nozzles or matrix nozzles, we also offer mounting solutions on request.

The service trolley has a pull-out VA dirt oxide tray and various lockable drawers for maintenance and cleaning tools or cleaning media. The comprehensive initial equipment consists of the following components:

  • Initial equipment with standard tools: brushes, squeegee, hex key, screwdriver
  • Typical spare screws
  • Insulating material for tank module
  • 2 pcs fluid screw connection (G1/8“)
  • 1 pcs copper paste
  • 1 set stainless steel-screws
  • 1 pcs brush
  • 1 pcs stainless steelsolder oxide scraper
  • 1 pcs brass brush
  • 1 pair of heat-resistant gloves
  • 1 pair of safety goggles in practical storage box

All components can be reordered individually via the online shop:

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In order to be able to offer even higher precision and modularity, Eutect GmbH has developed a scalable standard cell with the automation specialist Taktomat GmbH. The E-cell includes several innovations that enable an even higher degree of individualisation of the solutions around Eutect’s special soldering automation.

“Our standard cells are absolutely new developments that became necessary in order to raise the modularity we are used to to a new level,” explains Matthias Fehrenbach, managing owner of Eutect GmbH. Thus, in recent years, Eutect solutions have developed into increasingly complex machines in which a multitude of different processes have been integrated. Added to this was the increasing miniaturisation of assemblies, which led to ever tighter precision specifications. “We can cover this development well with our current cells. However, we assume that the trends in terms of complexity and miniaturisation will continue to develop and thus new considerations regarding future-proof cell concepts became necessary,” says Fehrenbach.

The new standard cell concept combines a new design with higher precision and even greater cell modularity. Furthermore, the manufacturing accuracy has been increased and the stability of the e-cells maximised. The new standard cells thus have a higher rigidity than their predecessors and therefore also enable higher precision in the soldering process and automation. The entire machine frame, including the doors and discs, is ESD-compatible. In addition to the new cell concept, a new control cabinet concept was also developed. Previously, each line contained several small control cabinets that were installed in different places in the line. The new e-cells contain a large, central control cabinet that also supports Eutect’s cradle-to-cradle concept. The new control cabinet allows for quick replacement of all electronics, including wiring, so that the cell can be quickly prepared for new tasks after a possible repurchase. Furthermore, the control cabinet also supports service and maintenance efficiency, as all electronics are installed in one place.

“But there is another advantage that is incredibly important for us in the development and production of customised solutions,” Fehrenbach continues. Each individual E-cell can be customised in width and length by the grid dimension of 300mm. “This allows us to react very flexibly to customer wishes and requirements and to easily adapt our systems. This modularity also enables completely new implementations in terms of inline production,” says Fehrenbach. The managing director does not want to reveal more about this. “Only this much, we will come onto the market this year with an absolute innovation in inline production. And these new cells are necessary to implement this,” adds Fehrenbach. All soldering and kinematic applications from Eutect can be integrated into the cells.

Emil Otto GmbH, our partner for fluxes, stands for the highest quality since 1901. As an owner-managed company in its fifth generation, Emil Otto has dedicated itself to the development and manufacture of high-quality fluxes for electronics production. Especially for selective soldering applications, Emil Otto has a range of high-quality alcohol-based, water-based and hybrid fluxes. You can purchase some of these fluxes in various packaging units directly from our online shop. Furthermore, we offer the EO-FLUX-COVER. This is used to coat the surfaces of pins, filler materials, etc. and offers reliable, solderable corrosion protection.

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In order to coordinate the national and international sales activities as well as the worldwide project business even better, the specialist for customized soldering automation expands its staff with the experienced sales expert Axel Wolff.

“We are pleased to welcome Axel Wolff, a recognised specialist and outstanding networker in the field of PCB-soldering,” says Matthias Fehrenbach, Managing Director of Eutect GmbH. Wolff has been working as a sales representative for various machine manufacturers in the electronics industry since 2000. Initially, his sales activities focused on pick-and-place-automation but since 2012, Wolff has been involved in soldering assemblies. “After dealing exclusively with soldering systems from the areas of reflow and vapour phase technology in recent years, I am now very excited about selective soldering. Eutect is known for its high level of innovation and open mindset when it comes to finding technical solutions. To be part of this and to be involved in developing customer-specific solutions was the decisive factor in accepting Matthias Fehrenbach’s offer,” explains Wolff. Furthermore, he is looking forward to Eutect’s close cooperation opportunities. “Especially through the cooperation with Emil Otto and Feinhütte Halsbrücke, there are interesting opportunities in sales that need to be exploited,” Wolff explains further.

Bring your employees and yourself up to date with the latest technology and spring into spring with soldering and process technology.
Eutect offers a whole range of consulting, training, workshops and services around selective soldering. These include support for everything from automation of selective soldering processes to product design for effective assembly soldering. There is also equipment and process training for Eutect customers, as well as evaluation of assemblies, testing and familiarization with various selective soldering processes in the Eutect evaluation center, right through to zero series, C-sample and small series production. Training dates and topics can be individually adapted to customer requirements. The training location, either at your premises or at the Eutect Evaluation Center, can be tailored to individual requirements.

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Eutect GmbH further developed and optimized its Sensitive Wire Feeder (SWF). The world’s only patented intelligent wire feeder can be used in conjunction with a laser (LL), iron (KL) or induction (IL) system for soldering assemblies. As part of its continuous product development, the Swabian soldering specialist is now presenting a new development version of the successful product.

“The SWF is one of our best-selling modules. Not only do we use the SWF in our special soldering systems for the electronics industry, but we are also increasingly selling the module itself to other assembly system providers, for integration into their systems,” explains Matthias Fehrenbach, Managing Director of Eutect GmbH, and continues, “For this reason, we are continuously optimizing the SWF. The current adjustments include a number of measures that once again raise the SWF to a new level.”

For one thing, the drive of the SWF is now shielded by a metal cover, which improved EMC compatibility. Furthermore, a new signal filter software has been added to the module. Thanks to these measures, the new generation of the SWF achieves even more precise measuring accuracy and stability during wire feed. In addition, the weight of the overall module has been reduced by 11%, allowing the SWF to be moved more dynamically when integrated on a robot arm. “We can thus further optimize cycle times. The overall design reduces the time required for the robot arm to settle, which also allows us to use a less expensive robot for select projects,” Fehrenbach elaborates.

Another adaptation optimizes integration in robot applications. For example, the metal spool that guides the wire from the wire roll dispenser to the SWF has been replaced by a tube of lower weight, which means that the wire roll can now be integrated very flexibly in the production cell. Thus, maximum flexibility as well as a reduction of the required space are achieved. The flexible mounting of the solder wire roll results in a weight saving of up to 1.3 kg when using a full reel, which corresponds to a reduction of approx. 50% compared to the previous weight.

Service and changeover friendliness were also taken into account in the optimization measures. For example, the sheet metal covers of the wire feeder housing can be removed without tools. The covers can now be removed easily and simply, as they are held in place by a magnetic mechanism without screws. It also is easier now to change between different wire diameters. Using simple sheet metal covers allows better accessibility of the diameter setting on the control wheel and encoder wheel swing arm. New and more variable SWF configurations, as well as the use of solenoids or spring packs, and a wire insertion aid supported and controlled by the force sensor also assist the operator. By pressing on the drive housing of the SWF, the wire is automatically fed, or retracted, without the operator having to execute a command within the software via the HMI. Simply by selecting the wire change via the HMI, the module enters that mode, allowing for a quick and easy changeover. “This allows us to save valuable time,” says Fehrenbach.

The Swabian soldering specialist Eutect GmbH is starting its own online shop to provide customer with easy access to service aids and consumables, utilities, tools and wire feeders. Eutect is thus establishing new cooperations and is also extending its services to companies outside the electronics industry.

“In recent years, the demand for tools, spare parts and service aids and consumables has grown continuously. Taking this development into account we offer our customers and partners not only the classic, paper-based order but also the easy, convenient way of ordering online,” Matthias Fehrenbach, Managing Director of Eutect GmbH, explains the decision. No credit card or PayPal account is needed for the online shop. “Our customers can choose the goods and order them immediately without having to enter payment information. We process this order like any other order and the customer receives an invoice,” says Fehrenbach.

The Online shop offers customer necessary tools and aids, from a simple cleaning brush to a fully equipped tool cart. Furthermore, measuring tools and protective equipment for laser soldering machines maintenance can also be purchased. Consumables are a new product section. Fehrenbach would like to expand this area in the coming years, so the cooperation partners Emil Otto and Feinhütte Halsbrücke, which provides the Swabian machine manufacturer with selected cleaning media, flux pens and solders from ingots to solder wire, is the next step. “With both partners, we can offer the customer comprehensive advice on the best flux/brazing alloy combination. All cooperation partners manufacture their products themselves, which means that the customer receives first-hand technical information directly from a specialist. Together we can also combine new solder alloys, which are matched to the customer’s product, with the appropriate flux. To me this is a great benefit because the customer will receive everything from a single source,” says Fehrenbach. Additional consumables and cooperation partners will follow in the future. “We always come across products that fit well into our range and we would like to introduce and offer them to our customers,” confirms Fehrenbach.

In addition, the wire feeders developed by Eutect, as well as the corresponding controls, roll dispensers and solder wire feeders can be purchased in the online shop. “The offer is addressed to system integrators who build special machines outside the electronics industry on behalf of their customers. Such customers might work, for example, in the fields of car body construction, the textile industry, toolmaking or medical technology,” says Fehrenbach, who wants to strengthen his business as a supplier of modules beyond his core industry. “Many modules that we have developed can also be used in other non-Eutect plants without any problems. We would therefore like to make these in-house developments available to other machine manufacturers,” Fehrenbach continues.


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